4 Tips for Designing Your Dream Bedroom


A well-designed bedroom is an oasis. It’s a place not only to rest at night, but to curl up with a good book, escape for a nap or help you get ready for the day.

Designing your dream bedroom doesn’t have to feel like an impossible feat. Use these four tips to arrange your bedroom furniture and design your room like a pro.

1. Start with Color

Before you do anything else, think about color. The dominant color in your room will dictate how your room feels, so choose your hues wisely.

To make your space feel bigger and brighter, choose lighter colors. For north-facing rooms, warmer paint colors can make the area feel cozy and inviting.

The goal is to choose a color scheme that promotes relaxation, so you have an easier time winding down and settling in for the night.

2. Choose the Right Layout for Your Bedroom Furniture

Layout is crucial to any room design, but it’s especially important for the bedroom. The space should be functional above all else, and the wrong layout can make the space feel cluttered and uncomfortable. The goal is to choose a layout that further promotes relaxation and helps you get a restful night of sleep.

Designing a bedroom layout can feel overwhelming. Start with the bed, and work your way out from there. The bed should be the focal point of the room, so the rest of your bedroom furniture can be organized around it.

Once you’ve figured out where to place your bed, start with the next largest piece of furniture in the room. Work your way down to the smallest furniture pieces.

It may be helpful to sketch out the placement of your furniture before you actually start moving things around. Not only will this save you time, but it will save your back, too.

3. Layer Your Lighting

Lighting is often overlooked in the bedroom. It’s easy to just stick to the standard overhead light that’s installed in most rooms, but layering your lighting can really make the space feel relaxing, comfortable and inviting.

Natural lighting is great, but you’ll likely be spending most of your time after dark in your room.

A great place to start is beside your bed. Make sure that each side of the bed has its own lamp. This could be a wall sconce, table lamp or even pendant lighting.

If you enjoy reading or working in bed, it may be helpful to install an extended reading lamp that allows you to adjust its positioning and angle.

4. Add Finishing Touches

Finishing touches like plants, artwork, rugs, blankets and pillows can really bring the room together. If you’re sticking with a neutral color scheme for your bedspread and curtains, consider choosing colorful accessories. These pieces can add interest and help tie everything together.

When designing your dream bedroom, remember that you don’t have to start with everything at once. Instead, slowly build up your room over time and add pieces that you truly love. These tips above will help you set the ideal foundation for your dream space.

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