Cherry vs. Oak Wood for Furniture

Cherry vs. Oak Wood for Furniture

Woods commonly used in the furniture business include cherry and oak. Both are popular because of their natural beauty and intricate grain patterns. They have distinct characteristics.

Oak and Cherry (hardwoods) have significant advantages and disadvantages when it comes to furniture, flooring, and cabinetry. Oak is comparatively denser, stronger, and more durable; it absorbs stress but is easily broken. Cherry is less thick and elastic.

Cherry Wood

This hardwood is a trendy choice for home furnishings in dining rooms. Since cherry wood is prone to denting under constant foot use, oak is the most used wood for flooring. With a fine grain finish that is easy to cut due to its light weight, cherry wood offers its own utilitarian benefits. Cherry's light composition makes whittling, carving, shaping, sculpting, and fashioning a breeze.

Oak Wood

Oak is a member of the hardwood family and is quite durable. It is extremely strong and does not break, but shatters and splinters. It is frequently sawed to prevent warping, demonstrating how difficult it is to work with. Oak can be easily spotted due to itsdistinct wide grain patterns.

Wood Coloring

The reddish brown to blond and golden tones of cherries are all possible. Age-related color darkening can occasionally be advantageous or disadvantageous depending on the usage by the customer. The wood has rich, beautiful natural colors when it is not stained. Cherry has a light to medium natural shine and is delicate and silky. As cherry wood is prone to fading, care must be given properly.
Oakwood may become overly darkened and have the grain emphasized by staining, giving the impression that the wood is two-toned. Cherry wood takes stains well, but to withstand moisture, it needs to be oiled or preserved. Oakwood has a tendency to be really granular, which is apparent and palpable. The rustic beauty of oak hardwood makes it instantly recognized.


Oak is more accessible in the United States of America and is comparatively less expensive.
Whereas cherry is quite expensive. Oak has over 500 varieties and the two major species of oak are red and white oak. The red oak’s color ranges from brown to reddish pink and has a swirling quality in it. Whereas white oak has a tiger like pattern with gray and yellow streaks. When comparing the cost of both the woods, it can be seen that white oak is comparatively more durable and less costly than red oak. Since it is more beautiful than red oak, white is preferred over it for furniture.


Cherry is ordered at higher prices because of its rarity. It matures in a few regions of America and is a profoundly requested item. Both Oak wood and cherry wood are hardwoods and there are some major differences between them. Oak is cheap and available in a lot of regions while cherry is rare and is comparatively expensive. Cherry has a reddish brown color whereas oak comes in two different colors; red and white

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