Give Your Home a Makeover with Custom-made Furniture

Give Your Home a Makeover with Custom-made Furniture

Every home can benefit from a makeover from time to time. While a fresh coat of paint and a few new decor pieces can change the look and feel of a space, custom-made furniture can truly transform the room.

If your home is in need of a makeover, here are a few ideas to help kick off your transformation, starting with custom furniture.

4 Ideas for a Home Makeover

1. Makeover Boring Pieces with Custom-made Furniture

Having an eclectic furniture collection can be quirky and charming, but if those pieces are boring or poorly matched, it can make your space feel disorganized and uncomfortable.

Give these boring pieces a makeover by replacing them with custom-made furniture. Custom furnishings can be made with your chosen materials and with the quality you expect from high-end furniture. In addition, each piece can be tailor-made to include the features you want and really pull the room together.

With custom furniture, you can choose:

  • The colors you want
  • Your desired fabrics
  • Other materials, such as wood species, acrylic, glass or metal

Custom furnishings are far from boring, and they can really transform your space.

2. Spruce Up Boring Walls with Galleries

Boring or large walls are the hardest to fill. If you’re tired of having large, bare walls, you can opt for gallery walls. These walls are filled with pictures, often of family, that have been sized to fit perfectly in frames.

Some people will use old magazine covers or pictures to make the space seem more sophisticated.

Washed-out colors are also common and will add to the look and feel of the wall. You'll want to spend time finding the perfect pictures or items to add to your wall gallery.

3. Add Some Life by Bringing the Outdoors Indoors

Spruce up your new custom-made furniture by incorporating greenery and other outdoor elements into the room. Place plants strategically throughout your home. Don’t be afraid to place larger plants in corners to really complement your space and even help improve the quality of your indoor air.

Flowers and plants are one way to bring the outdoors indoors, but you can also incorporate natural materials, such as:

  • Wood
  • Stone

Stone is a natural fit for kitchen and bathroom spaces. Wood furniture, particularly custom furniture, can make a space feel warm while bringing the outdoors indoors.

4. Reorganize in Style

Sometimes, the best makeover for a space is to reorganize it. Many people are choosing functional forms of reorganization, such as expansive shelves that add a rustic feel to the home.

For example, adding a wide, wooden shelf that spans the majority of the wall to add plants, books or other items is a popular choice.

You can also opt to create wall inserts that allow you to organize your room without taking up additional space in a room.

A home makeover is a time for excitement and change. You can add custom-made furniture to a room, bring the outdoors indoors or follow the many tips listed above to make the most out of a makeover on a budget.

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