How to Protect Your Furniture from Pets

How to Protect Your Furniture from Pets

Pets are part of the family. For many of us, we think nothing of allowing our cats and dogs on the furniture. However, over time, pets can damage your furniture or cause excess wear and tear. Let’s take a look at some simple tips on how to protect your furniture from pets.


How to Protect Your Furniture from Pets

Pets can do a number on your furniture if you don’t take steps to protect it. From coverings to creating cozy spaces for pets, there are many ways to protect your furniture.


Weekly Cleanings

If you allow your pets on the furniture, weekly cleanings are a must. Vacuum and wipe down your furniture every week. If you can, rotate or flip cushions periodically for even wear and tear.

To keep as much dirt as possible off of your furniture, keep a towel by the door to wipe down paws or fur before your pets hop up on the sofa or chair.


Use Protective Coverings

One of the simplest ways to protect your furniture from pets is to invest in protective coverings. Coverings act as a barrier between your pet and your furniture. In addition, they’re an effective way to protect against stains and odors.

You can purchase coverings made specifically for pets for sofas and chairs, or you can use blankets or sheets to cover surfaces.

One advantage of using coverings is that they can easily be removed and washed every week. Depending on what you choose, you can find a solution that blends seamlessly with your furniture.


Redirect Scratching

If you have cats or other pets that like to scratch furniture, invest in scratching posts and pads to redirect their attention somewhere else. Praise and reward your cat each time they use the scratching post to help them build this habit.

Depending on your cat and your home, you may need more than one scratching surface.

To get your cat’s attention and interest, you can encourage them to use the scratching post with:

Catnip. Sprinkle some at the base of the post to attract and encourage your cat to use it.

Play. Make the scratching post or surface part of play time to create positive associations and teach your cat how to use it.

Teaching cats to use scratching posts is a great way to save your sofas, tables and other furniture from scratches, knicks and other damage. Remember that it’s a cat’s natural instinct to scratch, so your best bet is to redirect their focus to a designated place.

Offer Alternatives

Consider offering your pet an alternative place to lay and relax. For example, dog and cat beds provide a comfortable place for your pets to sleep or unwind off of the furniture. If you want your pets to be near you, you can also place beds on the furniture and train them to lay on the bed.

Offering beds and blankets are a great way to protect your furniture without compromising your pet’s comfort.

Furniture is an investment, and you want to extend the lifespan of your furniture as much as you can. Use the tips above to protect your furniture from pets and enjoy your investment for many years to come.

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