Yes! Everything from Woodcraft Furniture is either constructed from solid wood or engineered plywood. Most products are made from solid wood while some aspects of some of the cabinetry, plywood is used. The plywood consists of layers of wood glued together and IS NOT MDF (medium density fiberboard) or Particle Board (i.e. Chipboard). Because the products are constructed from real wood, you will see a variation in wood grain and an array of characteristics (knots, checking, seasonal splitting) that are typical for a natural product like wood. The woods we use are pine, alder, parawood, brown maple, red oak, and sap cherry. We have additional wood options available like quarter sawn white oak or walnut. For any additional questions on wood types and options, feel free to reach out to us!
Yes! Please contact us and let us know which units you are interested in and we’ll let you know what discount applies for purchasing the product unfinished.
Once you place an order through our site or with a sales associate via email, you will receive a detailed receipt mapping out all the details and what to expect as far as the units, colors, and timeline. If you aren’t sure about color and want to see physical samples, reach out to us and we can coordinate mailing out samples so you can make a selection.
This is a complicated question. As we carry products from 25 different manufacturers and we custom finish each order as they arrive, a lot of factors go into the lead time for each order. Some orders can be fulfilled as quickly as 8 weeks while others can be anywhere from 16-22 weeks or potentially longer if it’s a custom order.
At Woodcraft Furniture, we value transparency. In our efforts to launch an e-commerce site we noticed the prices of furniture were high and that companies were offering FREE delivery or shipping. We determined that these companies were raising the prices of their furniture to offset their cost for delivery or shipping. We prefer to be more transparent and keep the cost of our furniture and finishing competitive and show you what you’re paying for delivery so you know what you are paying for.
One of the reasons we coordinate and perform our own deliveries and keep our delivery radius to a limited region is so we can ensure complete satisfaction. If something is wrong with your order and it’s because of a mistake on our end or a defect in the furniture, then we will make it right no matter how long it takes us to do so. If you don’t like your furniture, you are welcome to return it for a 25% restocking fee and the delivery fee is non-refundable.
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