6 Essential Furniture Tips for Newlywed Couples

6 Essential Furniture Tips for Newlywed Couples

As newlyweds starting your new life together, it’s important to take your time when designing your home to ensure it reflects both of your personalities and creates a look you both love. In addition, most newlyweds will find that they need new furniture for their new home. Finding the right furniture pieces can be challenging, but these six essential tips can help.

1. Decide on a Style Together

Before you run out and start buying furniture, sit down and decide on a style together. Create design boards filled with ideas that you both love.

If you’re merging existing furniture, finding the right style can be challenging. Work together to find ways to tie everything together, whether it’s through coordinating accessories or accent pieces.

Once you settle on a style that everyone can agree on, it will be much easier to shop for furniture.

2. Consider New Custom Furniture

Beautiful, well-crafted furniture can last a lifetime with proper care. Consider investing in new custom furniture. The beauty of custom furniture is that the design can be tailored to your needs and wants.

If you can’t find the furniture you want, consider going the custom route.

3. Choose Timeless Pieces

When choosing furniture, go with timeless pieces that will look just as beautiful in your home ten years from now as it does today. Neutral wood tones and hues can easily complement any style or décor in the future.

Trendy furniture may look great now, but you may be tempted to replace it in just a few years when the next trend emerges.

4. Start with the Bed

If you’re buying all new furniture and don’t know where to begin, start with the bed. Consider buying not only a new mattress, but a new bedroom set.

The bed is a great place to start because it’s simple yet essential. In addition, it will be one of the most used pieces of furniture in your home. From here, you can work on buying coordinating furniture for this important space.

5. Know Your Space

Get to know your space. Grab a tape measure and figure out exactly how much room you have for your furniture. Knowing the size of your space will help you get a better understanding of what size furniture to buy.

Write down the measurements, and bring them with you when browsing furniture. This will help you narrow down your choices to just the pieces that will work well in your space.

6. Add Your Personality

Don’t forget to inject your own personalities into your space. When choosing furniture, look for pieces that reflect your personal styles. Complement your furniture with accessories, artwork and décor that also show off your personality.

For newlyweds, designing a home can feel overwhelming. When purchasing new furniture, not only do you have to think about the style and quality but your budget as well. It’s worth it to invest more in fewer quality pieces of furniture than it is to purchase trendy or cheaply made furniture that will only last a few years.

Consider your furniture as an investment.


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